How To Get Seeds In Smurf Village?

How do you harvest rare seeds?

Rare Seeds can also be obtained by using the Seed Maker. Despite the description stating that this seed “takes all season to grow”, it takes only 24 days. If using Speed-Gro or Deluxe Speed-Gro, the player has up to Day 7 of Fall to plant this seed, and it will be harvestable before Winter.

What is the Grove in Smurf Village?

The Grove is the fifth area to be unlocked in the game. It can be unlocked starting from level 30. The only crops are flowers in the Grove. It also introduces three new resources, red, green, and yellow rare seeds.

How do you unlock the Grove in Smurfs?

The Grove is unlocked at level 30 after a short series of Papa Smurf’s grove quests are completed. The Portal must be placed in order to access the grove.

How many crops fit in greenhouse Stardew?

It is possible to grow as many as 18 fruit trees inside the greenhouse. One possible optimal placement is shown below. 6 Iridium Sprinklers and 18 Fruit Trees placed to maximize planting space and trees.

How do you get Iridium quality crops?

The average quality can be increased by planting seeds into fertilized soil. Note that iridium quality is possible only with Deluxe Fertilizer. Increasing Farming Skill also increases the chance to harvest a quality crop.

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What is the most profitable Greenhouse crop?

7 of the Most Profitable Greenhouse Crops

  • Tomatoes. The most common greenhouse crop, tomatoes can also be quite prolific and, thus, profitable.
  • Lettuce.
  • Peppers.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Spinach.
  • Herbs.
  • Strawberries.

Can you plant ancient seeds in Greenhouse?

For the fruit seed, see Ancient Seeds. This artifact can be crafted into viable seeds that can be planted to grow an Ancient Fruit in Spring, Summer and Fall, or in the Greenhouse or the farm on Ginger Island.

What crops sell for the most in Stardew Valley?

Most Profitable Cash Crops in Stardew Valley

  • #1 Strawberries. 650 gold profit per crop.
  • #2 Green Beans. 240 gold profit per crop.
  • #3 Rhubarb. 175 gold profit per crop.
  • #4 Cauliflower. 138 gold profit per crop.
  • #5 Potato. ~75 gold profit per crop.
  • #1 Blueberry. 668 gold profit per crop.
  • #2 Starfruit.
  • #3 Hops.

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