Often asked: How To Get Silver Coins In Ice Age Village?

How do you get silver coins in piggy?

You can obtain Silver Coins by:

  1. Opening the chests.
  2. Winning battles against other players.
  3. Participating in other Piggy events.

Does Ice Age Village require Internet?

√ Visit your friends’ Villages and the herd’s too! You can download and play this game for free. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet.

How do you unlock the dino world in Ice Age Village?

You can first make Buck break through and open Dino World at level 25 but it costs acorns – 70 to start; every level you advance, the price in acorns drops (by a certain amount of acorns each level), so that it is free when you reach level 35. You can enter Dino World by pressing the icon above the Dino World hole.

How many levels are in ice age Village?

The next set of achievements are unlocked when you reach level 5, 10,15, 20, 30, 40 and 50. The maximum level your village can reach is level 65.

Can you still play village life?

Playdemic has just announced that they’ll be shutting down Village Life. This game meant alot to me. I found it on the app store about few years ago.

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How do you get Scrat in ice age Village?

Catch Scrat Scrat comes by every 4 minutes in your village. If you didn’t catch him successfully the 1st time, he will come back after 2 minutes. Leaving in between Scrat’s visiting times will freeze the timer. Quitting the game 1 minute after catching Scrat will make him appear 3 minutes after starting the game again.

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