Question: How To Get To Mibu Village?

How do I get to the hidden forest?

Enter the tunnel and grapple to the left when the prompt appears and you’ll soon end up outside again. Jump down to the ground below and go to the cliff edge to grapple across to the next platform where you’ll find another Sculptor’s Idol. You’ll now be able to access the Hidden Forest.

Can you save Mibu Village?

Combat: Players may kill Head Priest of Mibu Village after he is transformed into a Palace Noble (Red Garb); Cannot be killed prior. He will not respawn, but his corpse will be there permanently.

How many wings are in Hidden Forest?

The four wings are in this area. Release the butterflies from the jars and use them to fly up. Use the glowing mushroom caps to get up to the platform and go through the hole to see the main caverns area. For the first wing here, turn right and look down.

Where is the tree house in Hidden Forest?

First, to get to the Treehouse, head to the Hidden Forest. At the exit from the social space, stand on the edge and a cutscene will point the way to a door that leads to a new area. Here you’ll find the Treehouse and the Assembly Guide.

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When should I go to MIBU village?

Players arrive at Mibu Village from Ashina Depths. Should they have already defeated the Guardian Ape, the player must defeat the Headless Ape boss located just before the entrance to Hidden Forest before being allowed to progress, as a fog gate will block their path.

How do you use the MIBU balloon of wealth?

Mibu Balloon of Wealth Usage Increases the amount of Sen collected from enemies by 50% for 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds). This is calculated by taken the standard amount Sen from an enemy and then multiplying it by 1.5.

What happens if you use precious bait?

Precious Bait Uses Giving Precious Bait 1 times rewards 1x Treasure Carp Scale. Giving Precious Bait 2 times rewards 3x Treasure Carp Scales.

How many spirits are in Golden wasteland?

The area gets its name from the crooked, broken building where you meet one of the Ancestor Spirits. In total, there are two Children of Light and two Ancestor Spirits in this area.

Where is the 8th spirit in Hidden Forest?

Spirit Eight – Tearful Light Miner The Spirit is hidden in the cave, you will need to brave losing some light to get there. When you initially fly over it will look like nothing is there, the entrance to the cave is very hard to see. When you are in there, interact with the spirit and follow their memories.

Where are the winged lights in Hidden Forest?

The Forest proper has one treehouse with a Winged Light (Child of light / See Forest WL 1). This is the first area where the player finds large dark plants to burn. These dark plants give wax (Light) that accumulates in the player’s white candle. Once you go through the first gate, you are introduced to the rain.

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Where is the orange light in the sky?

Orange Light: This is in Hidden Forest, to the left the broken bridge, where there’s a wing and a bunch of butterflies. It goes high, but if you wait it will drop down to the ground.

Where is the forest’s clearing in sky?

The Forest’s Clearing, which is on the left side of the entrance into Forest proper – in the first area players drop down into.

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