Quick Answer: Where Is Hilton Waikoloa Village?

What island is Hilton Hawaiian Village on?

Feel the spirit of Aloha at Hilton Waikoloa Village, a spectacular oceanfront playground, set on the sunny Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island.

What hotel did the Robertsons stay at in Hawaii?

More specifically, they stayed at Hilton Waikoloa Village, which is one of Hawaii’s largest hotels and very family friendly. One of the many pools at Hilton Waikoloa Village. I believe the lounge chairs on the right is where the Duck Dynasty family lounged before all the adventures began.

How far is Waikoloa Village from the beach?

Waikoloa Village offers an oasis during your stay on Hawaii’s Big Island. Only 15 minutes from the beach, the community offers a wide variety of activities that everyone can enjoy.

Which is better Waikiki or Waikoloa?

Both hotels are highly recommended by professional travelers. Overall, Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort is preferred by most writers compared to Hilton Waikoloa Village.

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Does the Hilton Hawaiian Village have free breakfast?

Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk – Breakfast included for all guests. Grand Waikikian by Hilton Grand Vacations – No breakfast benefit. Hilton Grand Vacations at Hilton Hawaiian Village – No breakfast benefit.

Can you swim at Hilton Hawaiian Village?

Enjoy a tropical adventure at Hilton Waikoloa Village’s very own salt-water lagoon and white-sand beach. Teeming with tropical fish and rare green sea turtles (called honu in Hawaiian), the four-acre ocean fed lagoon is a protected oasis perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

What season do the Robertsons go to Hawaii?

After a season of lizards, beards, Louisiana, and a lot of money, the Duck Dynasty clan is going to Hawaii. Aloha, Robertsons! (That’s the episode title.) In the third season finale of A&E’s massively successful reality series, the family heads off for a vacation — there’s an itinerary and everything.

Is Honolulu on the Big Island?

With 1,200 rooms, three large pool areas, extensive outdoor grounds and a variety of on-site dining options, the Hilton Waikoloa is indeed a small village in and of itself, and a tram and canal boats help guests travel across the sprawling property.

Which side of the Big Island has the best beaches?

The Big Island’s most popular beach is located on the Kohala Coast on the northwestern shore of the island. This half-mile stretch of white sand is loved by many for its calm swimming conditions that are perfect for families with younger kids, as well as great for bodyboarding and snorkeling.

What island has black sand beaches?

Have you ever seen a beach with black sand? Because of constant volcanic activity, you’ll find white sands and black sands on the island of Hawaii. Located on the southeastern Kau coast, Punaluu Black Sand Beach is one of the most famous black sand beaches in Hawaii.

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What airport do you fly into for Waikoloa Hawaii?

We recommend you arrive into Kona International Airport, which is 20 minutes away from the resort by car.

How safe is Honolulu?

Honolulu is one of the safest cities in the nation. Though property crime rates can be quite high especially in the Waikiki area, the extensive police force keeps violent crime rates very low. The crime rate in Hawaii is 3.3 far below the average crime rate nationally of 3.8.

How far is Maui from Honolulu?

Maui is located about 100 miles away from Honolulu. Traveling from Honolulu to other Hawaiian islands is easy and can be quite reasonable once you’ve arrived on the Hawaiian soil. Honolulu, located on Oahu, is typically the main transfer hub before flying to the other islands.

Is the Big Island worth it?

Re: Is Big Island worth visiting? Yes, of course itʻs worth visiting. You could easily spend your entire time there and not see and do everything.

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