Readers ask: How To Get More Acorns On Ice Age Village Free?

How do you unlock the dino world in Ice Age Village?

You can first make Buck break through and open Dino World at level 25 but it costs acorns – 70 to start; every level you advance, the price in acorns drops (by a certain amount of acorns each level), so that it is free when you reach level 35. You can enter Dino World by pressing the icon above the Dino World hole.

How many levels are there in Ice Age Village?

After each 10 levels (this may change depending on how much the animal can be leveled up), the color of the coin symbol that pops up when a family is ready for collection changes (blue, green, gold, orange). The max level is 50, though some animals have fewer.

How do you find Scrat in Ice Age Village?

Catch Scrat Scrat comes by every 4 minutes in your village. If you didn’t catch him successfully the 1st time, he will come back after 2 minutes. Leaving in between Scrat’s visiting times will freeze the timer. Quitting the game 1 minute after catching Scrat will make him appear 3 minutes after starting the game again.

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How do you get acorns in Ice Age Village?

How to Get Acorns

  1. Watch short promotional videos in the Movie Theater in return for a free.
  2. Clean up snow piles in your village – they randomly contain.
  3. Complete Collections.
  4. Play Kung Fu Scrat and Sid’s Egg Rescue.
  5. Catch Scrat in a friend’s village – you’ll occasionally be rewarded with an instead of.

How do you add friends on Ice Age Village?

Tap one of the names (preferably you will see one already playing Ice Age Village) and tap the + icon to add that person as a friend. You can continue going to the person’s friends list and adding more and more people, one at a time.

What is Dino World on Ice Age Village?

What is Dino World? Dino World is located under your Ice Age Village and is home to Buck! This warm and lush Jungle area is a great home for all the Dinosaurs, and is visited frequently by your favorite Ice Age characters, as well as Buck, a new addition who will help you with quests.

How do you get a mammoth coin in Ice Age Village?

Your village must have reached level 2 to pull this one off. During gameplay, tap Sid the sloth four times and then Manny the mammoth three times (without tapping anything else in-between) and you’ll get a bunch of coins and a snowy fox.

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