Readers ask: Where Is Old Sturbridge Village?

Can you walk around Old Sturbridge Village?

Today at Old Sturbridge Village Enjoy a peaceful walk around our early 19th century village as we present an outdoor museum experience. While on your walk, stop by our numerous households and see what kind of winter activities kept families busy.

What is Sturbridge Village known for?

Old Sturbridge Village More Than a Museum! Welcome to Old Sturbridge Village – a “must-see” New England attraction which depicts life in an early 19th-century rural Village, featuring costumed historians, antique buildings, water-powered mills, a working farm, and so much more!

What state is Sturbridge Village in?

About Old Sturbridge Village Situated in central Massachusetts, Old Sturbridge Village is one of our nation’s largest outdoor history museums with more than 40 historic buildings and 200 forested acres.

Is Sturbridge Village open year-round?

Old Sturbridge Village is open year-round and each season offers its own unique reasons to visit. The busiest days for school groups are Thursday and Friday in May and June. If you are looking for a quieter visit, October, November, March and April are less busy.

Is Sturbridge Village open in winter?

any first-time visitors to Old Sturbridge Village are surprised to learn that we are open year-round. “You mean you stay open even in the winter?” they gasp. Beautiful, but challenging – it’s an apt description for winter today – and in the 1830s.

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Does Old Sturbridge Village allow dogs?

While service animals are allowed in the Village, we regret that pets are not allowed. Members are allowed to bring their dogs on designated Dog Days.

When was Old Sturbridge Village built?

Identified by the English as early as 1640 as a place where valuable graphite (or lead) could be mined, after two unsuccessful requests the General Court was finally convinced by the early land owners or “proprietors” that this rough land could be farmed, and Sturbridge was incorporated in 1738.

What is the meaning of Sturbridge?

/ ˈstɜrˌbrɪdʒ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a town in central Massachusetts: reconstruction of early American village.

What county is Sturbridge MA?

Old Sturbridge Village – Exit 3A along I-84 in Massachusetts | iExit Interstate Exit Guide.

Is Sturbridge MA a good place to live?

Sturbridge is a quaint historic town in south central MA. Compared to the metro Boston area, it is an affordable, safe place to live. Our regional high school offers students a wide variety of academically challenging classes, if they so desire.

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