Readers ask: Who Owns Village Market In Kenya?

Who owns the Village Market?

Greenhills Investment Ltd., the owners of Village Market and the Tribe Hotel in Nairobi have opened a Sh4 billion extension at their shopping complex on Limuru Road in a move aimed to consolidate their customer base in the wake of intensified competition from new malls.

When was village market built?

A village market is a place where the villagers assemble from around to buy and sell commodities necessary for everyday life. Crowds of people gather in the market for making sales and purchases. A village market is generally held in an open place by the side of a river or a canal or a road.

What restaurants are in village market?

Village Market Restaurants: A Guide on what to eat at the mall

  • Pomodoro – Pepperoni Pizza Slice (Kshs 350)
  • East Seoul Street Food – Kimbap (Kshs 650)
  • Prime Cuts – Sushi and Salmon Set (Kshs 1,650)
  • Local Grill – Peri Peri Prawns (Kshs 2,500)
  • Rocomamas – Chilli Con Carne Nachos (Kshs 700)

How many stores does village market have?

Inside the Village Market There are over 150 retail shops selling local and designer wear, fashion, accessories and footwear items falling within the lifestyle and speciality categories.

How much is ozone trampoline?

Rates: The price per hour is Shs 950 for persons over 110 cm tall and Shs 250 for the Jump socks.

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How do you describe a market scene?

A market place is an exceptionally bustling spot where individuals go to purchase things of their needs. It is a focal point of fascination for the two purchasers and vendors. There is no other place in the zone having so much lively business as the market.

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