What Time Does Clarks Village Close?

Is Clarks Village open?

The park is open from 10am to 4pm daily and is suitable for 2 – 14 year olds. Situated close to Central Square and Orchard Square districts, the play park is a firm favourite for any visit to Clarks Village.

Is Clarks Village outside?

14 answers. We are an outdoor Shopping Center, however our stores have large canopy’s to provide shelter whilst visitors are going from shop to shop.

Is Clarks Village dog friendly?

We welcome well-behaved dogs at Clarks Village. Assistance dogs are of course welcome. The majority of our stores welcome dogs into their shops; just ask the store team on arrival.

Is Clarks open Boxing Day?

Sunday 10am – 5pm. Christmas Eve 9am – 4pm. Christmas Day CLOSED. Boxing Day 10am – 6pm.

What Junction is Clarks Village?

Clarks Village is located in the village of Street in Somerset, 12 miles from J23 of the M5 and is signposted from the motorway and from the A39. From the M5, exit Junction 23 and follow the A39 to Street/Clarks Village.

Is there a town called street?

Street is a large village and civil parish in the county of Somerset, England. The 2011 census recorded the parish as having a population of 11,805. It is situated on a dry spot in the Somerset Levels, at the end of the Polden Hills, 2 miles (3.2 km) south-west of Glastonbury. There is evidence of Roman occupation.

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Where are Clarks shoes made?

“Apart from lending its name to the shopping centre, Clarks, the biggest shoe brand in the world, has little to do with the success of Clarks Village. Its shoes are in fact now made in China, India, Brazil and Vietnam but not in Britain, after the site and the Village brand was sold.

How old is Clarks Village?

28 c. 1993 /: How old is Clarks Village? What year did Clarks Village open? August 14, 1993

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